In the fallen kingdom of glaciers

It’s already a habbit now: Sunday = Sundays hike! This time to fallen kingdom of flaciers, now ruled by erratic glazes and stone avalanches, which slided down when the ice melt. Some of you had already occasion to see the famous Gloppedalsura, some of you is just about to do it.

I started from a little village Veen, a few kilometers from Gloppedalsura. What a nice and calm place.

Already from the begining path is steep and ascents quickly. It’s about 6 km to Vinjakulen moutain peak, of wich almost 2 first kilometers are on old tractor way.

Half way of the tractor road. Good place to rest. I wish I could stay there all day long!

Than you hike up to the first valley, from where you can enjoy amazing view. Even though valley is flat, terrain becomes technically more challanging that tractor road.

Quite a special twin peaks. 😉 If you pay attention to the walls of the valley, you may find them interesting.

Than it gets steep and technical challenging again. I am sure it’s a whole lot easier in the summer, becouse it is actually only a summer hike, but this time I was doing a winter path (even it’s already spring in the callendar!).

First lake. I already knew weather will be difficult that day and was preparing to realize plan B.

Second large lake. It looked like it wants to force those steep edges and pour all the 560m down to the valley. It was just before last climb.

My eyes finally could see the last climb. It was very snowy a few minutes after I took that pictures. On and off with the weather. This ridge looks majestic from the close perspective.

I was on the top of this ridge when the snowstorm was in full mode. Even though it was less than 1km to the destination, I decided to turn around and sadly and slowly made my way down, enojoying view, a bit of chocolate and a cup of tea. What a hike. I know I will be back there soon.

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