Preikestolen hike first week of the spring

Break the routine! Harsh, cold, rainy day. Well, just another day of the spring here, on the west coast of Norway. Perfect time to enjoy moutains on my own.

Morning wake up the city of Stavanger by gentle fog and grey sky. Forecast said: lot of skies and rain. No wind, though! 🙂

Normally I take the long route, making 3 times as many kilometers on the way to Preikestolen, enjoying scenic road nr13. It’s and ex-postal route from the old days. Many postmen lost their life on it, doing their best to connect northern and southern part of west coast. But more about it other time.

So.. even though I rode on the main road today, I found a good spot to take a look on the sea in peace. In the picure: an old, shut down farm.

What a view! Whan an honour to meet those beauties over there. Quite new, but made in the old style of traditional rorbu- a fishermens hut. They still accommodate boats. Mostly.. Well. People have tendency to sit and chill outside those huts, socialize, drink homemade moonshine produced in the dark corner of the cabin.

The higher I climbed (so far still on wheels), the more skies and tiny raindrops landed om my skin. I could barely feel it, but clothes got the message soon enough-forecast is right.

Fianlly on the path. Looks like it’s all just for me!

Track is very comfortable and modern these days. I remember it from 6 years ago. Less people, difficulty level was much higher. But view was 100%the same. Although exposition like the one above wasn’t secured as well as now. Exciting.. Or..?

Definitely exciting! Combination of breathtaking views, mind blowing hight, mixed emotions and some infrastructure helps those brave ones to close the deal. <3

Just a 1km before the destination point you can see Preikestolens little brother. Would you dare to step on it? If you are scared of the highs-it’s  ‚only’ about 20m high from the ground, not as the…

…604m high freefall right to the fiord from Preikestolen -‚the preachers chair’. Even through thick fog, I felt astonished by this majestatic cliff.

And than the ride back home. A fantastic one. 5km of pure downhill from parking to the crossroads. Again just me and the road. What a day!

On the ferry boat sky was still crying. Good! Thanks to warm temperature and extra rain snow will melt quicker and it will be possible to hike without mini racks. So much faster. But on the other side.. Probably stady more people on the track, again, with every week. Join us on our next expedition!

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