Trolltunga in the winter

Even though calendar spring arrived for 2 weeks ago, we decided to hike Trolltunga – The Trolls Tongue with the skis and backpacks full of gear. It is still winter in the moutains! When we arrived at the parking lot, fresh snow was falling constantly and covered out footsteps quick.

First 3 km were quite ok but boring, since we were climbing asfalt road. Very steep, but good warm up, I have to say!

When we climbed up the first ascent, we find out that the wind is pretty strong and weather was going crazy. Full snowstorm on the top. Luckily it was flattening out and descending slightly right away, which was perfect occasion to take a deep breath full of fresh moutain air and enjoy surroundings.

It got better after about 2 hours and when it was blowing – it blew in the direction we were going. The view we had over lakes and moutains was breathtaking! What a joy.

About 1km before our destination we caught up a group of 15 foreign tourists with 2 guides and a dog. They left before 8.00, and we have done it after 10.00. Poor guys (and girls), they looked terribly tired!

Since they looked as they looked, we let them take the pictures first. Well, since they were so many, we had to wait quite a while to step on the famous tongue. :p

As you can see in the picture, weather got a little bit crazy again. Something that just added excitement and made hike pleasant. Lovely to hike in the deep snow, when other people are chilling in the spring down there in Odda!

There was not much view from Trolltunga, so we are sure that we are comming back this summer to take another look, from another perspective! This time we are taking you for a hike!

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