Meet the topless babes!

Yesterday and today weather was just fantastic, just like in the summer. Accordingly 16 and 14 degrees Celsius, fabulous! There were rumours that first babes are already gone sunbathing. Always nice to see a something pretty, so I went to take a look on them.

I drove to Vigdel strand, a little beach placed between well known for surfers Hellestø and Sola beach which is just by the airport. Tourists normally don’t see that one so I had it almost for myself!

Day was wonderful, and paddling about 9km was a pleasure. Nice, sunny day, fresh breeze and not much boat traffic.

Just by my destination I met those folks out fishing. Seems like they just enjoyed beeing there on the deck, not paying much attention to the roads. :p

The island itself (and islands nearby) is a nature reservat so you must be very cautious about time frame you can visit it. And even though you must not disturb animals. There are lot of birds,seals and a whole bunch of rabbits!!

There were whole seal-families! Crazy! In some spots I counted up to 20 and more of them. I didn’t want to come too close, it looked like they are in different ages. Both small seal-puppies and old, huuuuge ones in the size 1/2 – 2/3 of my kayak!

On the land – still magically. View from the island for nearby small ones and open sea. I love those things. It was so calm, warm and nice. Perfect spot to chill out.

On the way back I met 2 big ships. There is a fast route for them about 6km from the shore. I had to time my paddling right to cross it when it’s safe. Big ships always look like they are sailing slower than they really are. Becouse of their size you don’t see their speed correctly. It’s always smart to paddle-check your angle to see if you aren’t going to colide. I’m soooo looking forward to do this trip again, but in rougher conditions than now, just for some extra adrenaline kick. 🙂

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