Brufjellhålene- potholes by the sea

If you haven’t been to the Brufjell pothols yet, we strongly recommend a hike to that place now! Weather has been fabulous lately so we decided to visit it again yesterday. Due to partialy steep path it is the best to be there when it’s dry and sunny.

It all starts in small picturesque village Roligheten (‚Tranquility’), where you walk for about 1km from parking to the point where it all begins.

Trail will lead you through the woods and between the stones and rocks. Old trail was just closed becouse of the landslide and dangerously hanging rocks, so we used almost a wild one to get through the worse part.

Track is quite steep some places, but hike is so short that it does not matter really. We met some cute newborn sheeps on our way!

The last part, just before potholes was super exciting. There you have to climb down metal steps and hold onto the meal wire to get down there. We had to wait a little bit, becouse of the queue. Lot of people looked really scared and unsure!

Here is the most famous pothole. Made about 20.000 years ago by ice and waves. Those moutains were higher than Mt. Everest back than. It all is part of Magma Geopark, which is on Unesco’s world heritage list.

On our way back we took a best possible option-to make a round trip. Slowly descending on our wat to norwegian answer to Zakynthos’ smugglers bay – Sandvika, we had a mindblowing landscape in front of us.

This place is definitely on out TOP10 if you are around here, in western part of Norway.

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