Join our unforgettable adventures

We would like to invite you to wild and unforgettable experience in Norway. Each of our tours is unique and full of adventures.

Derive from our passion, discover a new teaser

We provide an alternative to standard tours. This project and company is completely made out of true passion.Experience, challenge yourself, try new things, do what you love!

Explore an extraordinary places free from crowds

Norway has much to offer! Enjoy breathtaking views, unaffected nature and various culture. With us you can sense authentic beauty of this country.

You can choose one of our adventure plans or you tell us about your dream trip….
and we will do our best to make it happen!



Check our hiking tours with professional guide. Discover the majestic Norway landscapes with a small group!



Try yourself and kayak through fjords and meet some local seals! We provide all the necessary equipment.



Bike through green mountains, enjoy the your time in pure Norwegian nature.



You need a break from ordinary? Choose a weekend full of unique experiences!


Winter expedition

Challenge yourself in one of ower winter adventures. You won't regret it... Because of fabulous and breathtaking winter views!


City tour

Take a walk through charming Norwegian towns and cites. Listen to some local legend and enjoy the folklore.


Your own ideal adventure!

Stop dreaming! Just compose your personalized adventure with us! Nothing is impossible!

Why you should choose our trips?

We say NO these things!

  • No to big groups!

  • No to seeing views only from windows in buses!

  • No to excessive exploitation of nature!

  • No to see only famous places!

  • No to boredom!

We say YES to these thing!

  • We say yes to small groups!

  • We say yes to unique experiences!

  • We say yes to safety and professionalism!

  • We say yes to discovering remote trails!

  • We say yes to adrenaline rush!

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Is there any place that you would like to visit,
but you are not sure how to make this first step?


Don’t hesitate and contact us!

There is not such a word as impossible!


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