Our story

Expedition Norway will give you much more than a regular trip. You will discover a new, definitely more rewarding way of travel. You will discover what real adventure is all about!

Our offer consists of active tours, you can choose the activity you would like to experience. Expeditinos Norway is project made out of true passion. I have been living in Norway for XX years now and I fall in with this magical country and it’s untoutched nature. I am also a big sports fun, since XX years old I have been trying different disciplines. Hiking, kayaking and skiing become my favorites. Through yeas I have other positive freaks and the is how Expedtion Norway started. Now it’s time to share our passion with you.

Expeditions Norway works with professional guides.

We prove all the necessary equipment. We provide everything you need to feel comfortable and safe! With our experience team of Norwegian and sports freaks you are in the best hands!

We offer you free choice!

  • With us you can relax. We will take of everything, you will besafe and well prepared. We arrange all the necessaryequipment and well trained guides.
  • You can choose one of our adventure plans or you tell us aboutyour dream trip…. and we will do our best to make it happen!
  • With us you can climb the sheer cliff, cycle through mountains, swim in clear waters, run and experience firsthand!With us you can go to the word famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Kjerag (rock hanging between mountains),Trolltunga, Månafossen and many other majestic places.

  • With us you can kayak through Norwegian fjords, cool yourmind, feed your soul and meet some new friends among local.

  • You didn’t find anything that suits your needs? Contact us! We will be more than glad to plan you own adventure for you! Just tell us where you want to go and we will create tailor made plan.

Why Norway?

Norway is one of the most breath taking countries in the wholeworld.
Here you can find the perfect combination of everythingthat you need to feel happy.
Beautiful landscapes: mountains,hills, fjords, lakes, sea and lots of greens spots.
Small woodenhouses dominate in many cities. Outside Oslo, you can rarelyfind large or very modern buildings.
It creates an impression that you have traveled back in time.

If you have ever dreamtabout an adventure in the idyllic and magical place, Norway isdefinitely for you!

Reach higher, go further,
do what you love!

Do you like reaching to the tops of the mountains with that amazing feeling that nothing can stop you?
Do you prefer burning muscles when you cycle more and more kilometers with wind in your hair?
Or maybe even you love water and the best way for you to explore new places is by kayak?
Then you are atthe right place!


Join us and create new memories. Don’t you feel the call of adventure yet…?