Difficulty level: Easy
Duration: Whole day
Type: Hiking


1 person: ???? NOK per person
2 people: ???? NOK per person
3 and more people: ???? NOK per person

For anyone who wants to get to know the magical and wild Norway, spend time actively, try something new, breathe deeply among the wonderful Norwegian fjords and mountains, learn more about Norwegian culture and take a stroll through the picturesque streets of wooden houses. It is dedicated to everybody who wants to see the real Norway, both its known places and those unavailable to the average tourist.

About this tour Velkommen!Welcome to the fabulous land of fjords, trolls and amazing Norwegian culture. We would like to invite you for an active and unforgettable trip to Stavanger, Bergen and the surrounding area. Each day will be different and unique. We plan to: enter the Preikestolen or cliff, which is located 604 m above the Lysefjord (Fjord of Light). The rock shelf is about 25 by 25 meters, and from the top there are amazing views. The name Preikestolen means as much as the pulpit. (The name comes from a characteristic shape.) During the entire route we will be surrounded by amazing landscapes / crystal clear fjords, beautiful in their severity mountains, green valleys. CNN Go and Lonely Planet have named Prekestolen one of the most spectacular places and viewpoints in the world. Even though we’ve been there many times, we always want to come back for more. We guarantee that you will not end up with one at the same time.We also have long walk through along the shore ( about 5-6 hours). It goes through idyllic and picturesque corners of the Norwegian villages and the coast, where the part of the North Sea Cycle Route runs. Along the way, you will get the chance to hear some interesting stories about Norway and its inhabitants.

What is included?

  • 7 nights in Bergen I Stavanger Beach surfing day (2h course with instructor, equipment and suits rental)
  • Excursion to Preikestolen (bus, ferry, climb to the top with a guide)
  • Transport from Stavanger to Bergen
  • Tour along the shore ( walking tour ) approximately 6 hours
  • Excursion to Kjerag and Månafossen
  • Excursion to Dalsnuten
  • 24-hour care of the organizer and guide
  • Entering the railway to the top of Fløyen in Bergen plus a trip to the top of Fløy
  • A city walk in Bergen with guide
  • A package with photos sent to your mail

What should you take?

  • Proper hiking boots
  • Warm clothes
  • Gloves and hat
  • Lunch and water
  • Water-resistant pants
  • Rain-proof jacket

In addition, we will be surfing on the beautiful beaches of Jæren. Jæren is a place that is considered one of the best spots for surfing in Europe. First a 2 hour training will take place under the guidance of an experienced instructor, and then each of you will be able to surf for as long as you will be able to! Prepare your muscles for burning! After that, tired and happy ,we will have a delicious lunch on the beach. Each of you will also get time for yourself, so that at your own pace to explore the beautiful corners of Stavanger, picturesque streets, cafes.Kjerag is a Norwegian “must” on the list of everybody who is a thrill seeker and would like to take up a new challenge. We climb to a height of 1100 m.p.m The route is not easy, but from the first moments you can feel that it was worth it. Everywhere around you there are beautiful views and raw mountains surround us from all sides. Below you will be able to see crystal clear lakes. On our way we will pass brooks from which you can get yourself refreshing drinking water. All this you just have to experience.

At the very top there is a famous stone hanging between mountains . If you are a brave one, you will have a possibility to stand on the top of it and take a picture of yourself. Kjerag is often called the king of Lysefjord, because of the fabulous view that stretches from above can not be compared to anything else. When you travel to Kjerag, our guide will draw you into the colourful world of Norway and tell you some extraordinary stories about the Ryfylke region, its inhabitants and as local legends. There are some great places along the way, where you can stop for photos.

Then we will take a ferry to Bergen. The city is surrounded by mountains and fjords, including the popular Sognefjord. In Bergen, take the Fløibanen train to the top of Fløyen and from there we will go on a mountain hiking route along picturesque routes (about 12 km). Lunch will be served in a beautiful mountain landscape (Note: On the route, the possibility of meeting trolls!).